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English Language Classes - Preparing for the Future?

Conference Talk / Publication, English, 27.01.2007, Languages for Europe Conferences, British Council, Berlin

While we still don't know whether we are at the beginning of the Information Age, in its middle or already at its end, we can fully rely on the importance of media literacy in our daily life. Media and technology do not only play a central role in our society, the ability to efficiently handle them is to be regarded as one of the key competences employers expect from potential candidates. In this talk we will focus on media literacy in the context of learning and teaching English. How can we contribute to educating our learners in the Information Age?



Though everybody is talking about media literacy it still seems to be an abstract concept, far away from teaching English. In this session we have focused on making this concept more concrete, putting it into relation with a) the expectations of employers,
b) the current situation at school,
c) teacher training and - last but not least -
d) with the English language classroom.

Practical examples and a discussion rounded this session up.


Target Group and Aims:

Target Group :

Teachers, Teacher Trainers and Trainees, people involved with EFL


To sensitize academic people for the need of media integration in the classroom, as media literacy is a prerequisite for successful participation in our today's and future society.



Documents available for Downloading:

Article, Conference Paper (» PDF)

Presentation (» PDF)

Handout (» PDF)

Brave New Deutschland (» Multimedia-Presentation, complex, exe-file)

Brave New Deutschland (» Multimedia-Presentation, simple version, exe-file)


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