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This page is updated constantly. Links to the respective items might be in German. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Publications, Conference Talks, Workshops:


2009 - Electronic Games (eGames) in the Language Classroom

Publication, English, April 2009, in HLTMAG2009/04.

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2008 - Different Approaches to Teaching Spanish Films in Class

Workshop, German, August 2008, Kinemathek Bonn


since 2008 - Memory and Concentration

Workshop / Training Course, German, WDR, Cologne.


2008 - The Forgotten Learner: Why Language Teaching Has to Be Humanised

Publication, English, April 2008, in HLTMAG 2008/02. » read more ...


2007 - Media Education in English Language Teaching - Not our job?

Publication, English, April 2007, in Novitas-ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language). I, 2007. 1-9. » read more ...


2007 - English Language Classes – Preparing for the Future?

Conference Talk / Publication, English, 27.01.2007, Languages for Europe Conferences, British Council, Berlin. » read more ...


2006 - Man in Information Society - Chances and Limits.

Conference Talk, German, 28.09.2006, Vortragsreihe "Jahr der Informatik", Stadbibliothek Bremen, Bremen. » read more ...


2006 - Webquests in Teaching English as a foreign language

Workshop, German, 28.09.2006, Integrierte Gesamtschule Holweide, Cologne.
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2006 - Computer & Co. at a comprehensive school

Thesis, German, 2006, Köln/Dortmund. » read more ...


2004 - Information - Knowledge - Power: Dark sides of the Information Age?

Conference Talk / Publication, German, 28.12.2004, 21st Chaos Communication Congress, Chaos Computer Club, Berlin. read more ...


2004 - Information – Knowledge – Power: Dark Sides of the Information Age?

MSc-Thesis, English, 2004, Danube University Krems. read more ...


2003 - The Chinese Way - Doing business with Asion people and countries

Conference Talk, English, 27.03.2003, Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Zagreb. (read more ...)


1993 - Aspects of the utilization of the auxiliaries ser, estar, tener and haber... the chronicles of the discovery of America. Thesis, German, 1995, University of Cologne.
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PhD-Project "Blended Learning":

In the year 2007 I started my doctorate studies at the Institute of Pedagogical Psychology at the University of Cologne.

Focus of my studies is the integration of new media in language teaching: Blended Learning, Online Games...

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I really like to combine theory with practical use, so I run several websites on foreign language teaching. These are not fully implemented yet, but maybe worth a look. Cooperation would be highly appreciated...

This page is intended mainly for teachers. Mutual exchange and provision of teaching material are targetted here. When Joomla 1.5 (content management system) is available, this software will help to build up a community.
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A page for teachers and learners of English, focussing of providing material and resources for A-Level students. » visit this page

A page for teachers and mainly learners of Spanish, again related with the A-Level topics. » visit this page

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