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Education and more...

Bildungsstiftungen und Bildungsprojekte

A portal for educational information, cooperation and coordination run by the German Ministry of Education (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung getragen). What's going on where regarding educational projects? Scholarships tracked in a database and can be searched for.
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biblionetz - Beat Doebeli Honegger

A phantastic website dealing with knowledge and literature. Excellent resource for scientific research. » visit this page


eLearning Europa Informationsportal

Portal on eLearning with a focus on scientific approaches and recent developments in politics and methodology. » visit this page

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Software and Tools...

Programs I like to use ...

Internetbrowser - Mozilla Firefox

Great performance, stability, and more privacy than ... . » visit this page


Literature and Knowledge Management - citavi

After a long time of searching and testing I finally found this software. Not only useful for managing my citations, but ideas as well. Excellent interface to online-databases around the world. An English version is to be released soon, and a demo with 100 possible entries is free of charge. However, this programm is worth every single penny. » visit this page


Online Learning - moodle

Moodle, a free of charge open source software, offers a wide range of possibilities to get a bit of the New Media into your classroom. Materials can be provided, testing can be done online, ... » visit this page


Cost free temporary email address - Temporary Inbox

Around every (electronic) corner you have to type in your email address. This service offers you a temporary address without any registration. Very useful, as it helps you to protect your privacy and - last but not least - it is free of charge.
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Statistical Software - Grafstat

This software package does not have the functionality of packages like SPSS. But is is easy to handle and a great help when doing surveys. As the project is supported by German governmental institutions, a "Bildungsversion" is free of charge for educational staff. Available in several languages.
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Data Protection and Privacy ...

When doing my ICT-research I came across a couple of websites. Here you'll find some really interesting ones related with data protection or internet legislation in Germany.

ARGE - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Datenschutz Österreich

This Austrian study group deals very openly with the privacy problems of our age. An intersting and reliable source worth to be consulted. » visit this page


Basics of Internet Legislation (German) - Free-of-Charge Download

Since a couple of years Prof. Tomas Hoeren of the University of Münster offers his outstanding script on this topic on this website. It is constantly being revised and updated. Everything you need to know about internet legislation . » visit this page


Privacy International

A site that focusses on privacy in the digital age, providing information you usually do not find in the light of public discusstion. » visit this page

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my Websites ...

I just launched these sites with the aim to offer not only material for language teachers and students, but as well to establish a cooperative platform. Any cooperation or comments would be highly appreciated.

This page is intended mainly for teachers. Mutual exchange and provision of teaching material are targeted here. The moment Joomla 1.5 (content management system) is available, it will help to build up a community at this domain.
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A page for teachers and learners of English, focussing on providing material and resources for A-Level students. » visit this page

A page for teachers and mainly learners of Spanish, again related with the A-Level topics. » visit this page


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