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The tools presented here gave me new insights, helped me to save a lot of time and work, or made my life somehow easier. Maybe some of them can be useful for you as well.


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Data Protection and Privacy in the Age of the Information Society

"Information is the Oxygene of our age," statet Reagan at the end of last century.

Not really a surprise that states and global players are longing for information in order to keep control.

Surveillance technologies and legislation are modified constantly, whithout asking or even informing the participants of our democracies. The reading list handed out at my talk in Bremen includes scientific as well as "normal" literature regarding the risks of the new technologies.

An entertaining and at the same time German title is the one of Reischl: Who would have imagined to which point we have come already?

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Literature and Knowledge Management - citavi

This tool doesn't only allow you to organize your literature and citations, but as well to do online research with an integrated module.

When 'surfing' you can use the 'picker' to add the website automatically to the database, what functions excellently and saves a lot of time.

The interfaces to online-libraries include the European ones as well, what isn't always given by similar programs. The handling of this funcion is absolutely easy compared with the difficulties rival products bring with them.

The database concept is convincing: Beside categorizing citations and automatically formatting the documents, ideas and thoughts can be organized as well.

Tasks - such as borrow, read, scan / bring back / take excerpts... - can be attributed to the titles, including priorities and calendar functionality.

I used this software with MS Office 2003, and now changed to MS Office 2007. In both cases citavi didn't have any problem with formatting the documents.

Conclusion: Absolutely great program which I wouldn't miss.

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